Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chief Joe Markham

A couple weeks back, we were put through a challenge for our advanced portraiture class. We were gathered together to pick names out of a hat. Once we drew a name, we had come up with an idea and quickly create our set up for our subject. Once the set was created, we had fifteen minutes to make a great executive portrait. Talk about completely nerve wrecking. However, I lucked out. I drew the chief of campus police, Chief Joe Markham. He was a great subject and very patient. Here is the image that was pick and printed for our project. I do hope he likes it.

Chief Joe Markham

Dennis Stock

I have come to a conclusion that I really enjoy looking through the Magnum photographer pages. Some seem somewhat interesting, while others are major eye catchers. For example, Dennis Stock’s Audrey Hepburn image caught my eye instantly. I enjoy Dennis Stock simplistic and straight photography style. He also photographed an era that I wish I was alive to see in person (the sixties). Not only that, he photographed James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, which gives him bonus points.Dennis Stock is awesome.

The Economy Strikes Again

According to PDN, Associated Press has been terminating positions in order to cut its payroll costs. Over 50 people were laid off on Tuesday. Of those 50, 5 photographers, including Linda Poole, and photo editor, Victor Vaughan lost their jobs. It is crazy to see that the world of photography is being greatly affected by the economic problems. The greats who are working for Associated Press are losing their jobs.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Technical Skills Book

In our Photo Imaging III class last quarter, we worked on some basic skills that were needed to be more successful photographers. These skills included color correcting, burning and dodging and restoring damaged images. This quarter for our Multimedia II class, we were asked to create a YouTube video of our technical skills book. Therefore, the image below contains the skills that I have acquired. So, check it out!

Brian Hall

So, I have always been a fan of a graduate from our commercial photography program, Brian Hall. He won Best Portfolio for his graduating class. He is now working with Zack Arias and Marc Climie. His work is awesome. He’s just awesome. Plus, he does a lot of music photography, so that just adds some more awesome points. Any who, Brian Hall is awesome. Check him out!

In the Now: Weddings and Events

So, I was browsing one of the photographers from my earlier posts (Jered Scott) and found this pretty awesome website. The website is In The Now: Weddings and Events. Granted the website is mainly about the weddings and events, I found the photography on there pretty cool. It’s no Denis Reggie, but it is pretty darn creative.The photographs on the site are by many different photographers. I found the photography by Jonilyn Photography pretty nifty. So check out In The Now: Weddings and Events and their photographers.

Image by Jonilyn Photography.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh, Photography

On Wednesday, Twitty, Amy and I met up to work on some class work. We decided to work on some video/audio needed for my photo essay for Ms. Finch’s Photojournalism class. We eventually got something that was suitable for class. However, it was quite difficult to start and keep a serious face. Check out the video below to understand what I mean.